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post production

Posted by
pedro alexandre (loures, Portugal) on 1 December 2009 in Landscape & Rural.

2 0 0 9 P H O T O B L O G S A W A R D S oooh! noooo! not again, if you like my photos, or even if you hate my photos please vote, it's free, don't be a chicken...

well! i get a lot of questions about post production, todays post is for you to see the alterations i did on the last post, i believe that if get a good image from the begining, well balanced, well exposed is the key to an easy, quick, few steps on post production, as i don't like spending time at the computer!!

preperation: i usualy pick a spot sometimes months ahead, i go there several times until the light is where i like it, sometimes the sunset is week not producing the colors you see on this one, but when it happens i usualy capture the image ofcourse, if the light is not at my taste i pack my gear and call it a day not taking one picture, i then take my time to search other spots for next visits with other light.

gear: it helps but not important, i use a steady tripod, the 5D (second hand) and the 17-40 (also second hand), graduated filter the brand is not important and a cable shooter.

1. I leveld the horizon
2. In the raw editor i played with the white balance to change the tones, not to much, add some contrast and saturarion, opened photoshop
3. I cleaned the image because there are some dust spots, waterdrops what ever, i use clone stamp.
4. With the burn tool i used on the sky to enhance the magentas, i also used on the green stones do add impact
5. With the dodge (this was the dificult part) i used on the mountain to try and correct the used filter, you can see clearely where the filter ends because i used it in about 45º
6. Resized it to 800 pixels, when downsizing be shure to have the "bicubic sharper" combo box check on
7. Filter - Smartsharpen, i do it several times until i guet the disired sharpen effect, sou i don't do 50% amount!!, i go step by step 10% and so on.

thats it, not to much, i spent 10 minutes doing this i prefer spending time shooting instead in front of the computer treating images

ps: sorry my english ehehehe is not very good.